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This an exciting time for NEC Athletics as our student-athletes continue to achieve remarkable success. Thank you to the more than 800 donors that participated in our 2019 Athletics Day of Giving! NEC Athletics and our teams raised over $95,000 in 24 hours, the largest amount of money raised in one day at NEC! The continued support of NEC alumni, family, and friends allows our students-athletes to thrive on and off of the field.

If you would like to support NEC Athletics and our teams, click "Give Now" on this website!



Team Support

Specialty equipment such as hitting and shooting machines, technology for performance evaluation and enhancement, travel gear, and nutrition will enhance the abilities of our programs.


Out of region team trips to play stronger competition, build team camaraderie, and provide quality student-athlete experiences.


Upgraded weight training equipment, locker rooms, fields, branding, video boards and scoreboards will continue to modernize our athletic facilities.


Providing specialty coaches such as strength & conditioning, pitching, and goalie coaches, along with academic resources, will give our student-athletes additional tools to thrive on and off of the field.

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Support Your Sport

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Grims are winning in the classroom as well as on the field.

You can help them continue to succeed.

Our student-athletes and coaches are constantly pushing their program forward, building toward even greater success on a regional and national scale. But this has always been a true community effort - alumni, parents and fans like you make it all possible.

For the third straight year, our student athletes have achieved a GPA above 3.0, the highest mark in 20 years.

Over the past two years, we have played in 12 conference championship games and five NCAA tournaments.

Our athletes continue to dedicate themselves to community outreach, volunteering nearly 7,000 hours of community service collectively in the last year.

In 2018, we raised over $82,000 in our first Athletics Day of Giving. This year, our goal is to raise $100,000.

Completed Challenges from Athletics Day of Giving

Hourly Challenges - Rules and Instructions

  • All social media challenges must follow the post instructions including the appropriate #hashtags, links, and with your athletic program of choice stated in your post. This way, we know which program to count your post toward!
  • Only gifts of $5 or more (the minimum Athletics Day of Giving contribution) will be counted toward donation challenges. You are allowed to make multiple gifts!
  • The winning program of each challenge will be announced shortly after it concludes on our social media and GiveCampus pages. In the event of a tie, the bonus will be split equally amongst the programs.
  • All challenge times are in Eastern Standard Time.
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  • 1. Midnight • Prize: $500

    Winner: Men's Soccer

    Midnight Madness! Whichever program receives the first gift at midnight (EST) wins the bonus!

  • 2. 7am - 10am • Prize: $500

    Winner: Men's Basketball

    Celebrate NEC's 73rd year of being an institution! The 73rd original Facebook post using the template below wins!

    "Please support <insert sport here> today on NEC's Athletics Day of Giving by giving at the link below! #GrimsGive"

    (NOTE: You must "like" and "tag" @NECAlumniOffice in your post and have your profile set to "public" in order to be seen!)

  • 3. 9am - 10am • Prize: $500

    Winner: Women's Basketball

    Whichever program receives the most faculty and staff donations this hour wins!

  • 4. 10am - 11am • Prize: $500

    Winner: Women's Volleyball

    Whichever program receives the most parent/guardian donations this hour wins!

  • 5. 11am - 12pm • Prize: $500

    Winner: Women's Lacrosse

    Take a selfie sporting your favorite NEC Gear and post the template found below. The most shares/retweets wins!

    "Today, I support <insert your sport>! #GrimsGrive"

    (NOTE: You must "like" and "tag" @NECAlumniOffice (FB) or @NECAlumni (Twitter) in your post and have your profile set to "public" in order to be seen!)

  • 6. 12pm - 1pm • Prize: $500

    Winner: Men's Lacrosse

    The program that receives the most current student donations this hour wins!

  • 7. 1pm - 2pm • Prize: $500

    Winner: Women's Soccer

    Take a photo with your pet showing their Pilgrim Pride and post it on Facebook or Twitter! The most shares or retweets wins! You must include your athletic program of choice in your post!

    Use #GrimsGive and

  • 8. 3pm - 4pm • Prize: $500

    Winner: Men's Basketball

    Whichever program receives the largest monetary donation this hour receives the bonus!

  • 9. 5pm - 6pm • Prize: $500

    Winner: Women's Soccer

    Whichever program receives the most donations from alumni this hour wins!

  • 10. 6pm - 7pm • Prize: $500

    Winner: Wrestling

    Whichever program receives the most donations this hour wins!

  • 11. 7pm - 8pm • Prize: $500

    Winner: Women's Ice Hockey

    Celebrate NEC's founding in 1946 as an educational option for military members during the 19:46 military time hour! The 46th donation this hour wins the bonus to their program!

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